You are a STAR!

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You are a STAR!

Yes, it’s true! You are a star…that is, if you remember that you are a star. You have the power to shine and sparkle. But somehow along the way, it seems like we forget how to do this.

We often attach the meaning of who we are through filters. These filters served a purpose at one time in our life — You choose….the approval and love of our parents, elementary school teacher, peers, boss, etc. In doing this, we tarnish our star with perceptual filters which begin to create our reality. We forget the gift of who we are.

You are more than just what you do, but who you are underneath the burdens you have carried to be who you think you need to be. Deep underneath the layers of doing is a richness in being.

We can’t find this place in doing. It requires stillness, quiet and learning to be. Then cultivating love in this place for ourselves.

Somehow, from this place we no longer seek to strive to be somebody, we just are. In this place we shine, we sparkle, just like a star.






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