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My Commitment


Authenticity. Clients share that they feel that they are in trusting, connected relationship with me as they do their learning. My hope and on-going practice is to be authentically present with you as you do your work – someone who values the process of holding the space; someone who is curious, present and attuned, a person who is curious about you and eager as you are to see the unfolding and learning.

Yes, a person who engages in the learning with you by asking questions and providing support in your self-discovery.

We don’t just talk, I provide experiences to assist you in rewiring. Our process is unique and creative as you are exploring and learning about your self in your challenge. We might engage in explorations of “your story”, body awareness, a guided meditation, experience a current challenge via a poem. Laughter is sometimes a part of the learning as well. I might play a song or ask you to think of one. I ask good questions. I am touched by my client’s journeys and the possibilities which unfold.