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Life By Design

We are co-creators of our experience. We are the CEO and President of our life. We are the author. Yes. The Universe creates a template for us to find our souls and engage with our lives as a canvas of self-discovery: to discover who we REALLY are.

And guess what?

Who we really are is MORE than we THINK we are. Not just me. Not just you. All of us. We are all worthy of having our dream life.


And, our hearts are our portal into defining this process. Yes, our desires. Learning to tap into, listen into our hearts desires of what we want to feel and experience in our lives.

What makes your heart flutter?

This is step one, as naturally our personal power is limited to what has happened to us in our lives and how we make since of our lives in that narrative — it’s natural. BUT, this is just our human wiring talking to us based on our narratives that we’ve created – NOT reality. We naturally play small if we feel not good enough or unworthy, or just “it isn’t in the cards”…..but we can learn to feel the expansiveness of who we are and dance with life.

The next step is knowing the radiance of who we are. Once we really know that, we can really have some fun! Life can be as easy as my daughter skipping & dancing on the beach. She is in her flow….the wind catching her and carrying her in her movement. AAhhhhh! Our dream life is within us- not outside of us. This allows us to simply find our desires, connect in and engage in the dance with the Universe.

We ALL have the capacity to dance with life with this same lightness.

Lastly, we just have to believe, engage and listen to what wants to happen. We are often so busy in trying to make things happen, we miss what is happening and the opportunities that are right in front of us. The steps begin to unfold once we can learn to trust and allow.

If you are interests you, join me in an 8 week summer coaching program, Take The Leap Dream it. Live it. Be it.

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