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Boundaries 101 : Embodied Boundaries

Sunday, September 30 1:00-5:00 pm

Barefoot Works Yoga Studio: 2891 Richmond Rd, Lexington, KY 40509
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Are you challenged in being authentic in your relationships?
In saying “No”?
In knowing how to value your self and your time?
Do you feel guilty when you’ve done nothing wrong?
Or, let someone bully you into doing what you don’t want or need?
Boundaries are our ultimate self-care and self-responsibility in the stewardship in our lives.

Boundary problems may show up as exhaustion, fatigue, lack of direction in your own life, overwhelm, resentment and anger — sometimes illness, disease, body pain.
The stories of boundaries are held in our bodies as well as in our minds. They are learned in our mind+body through important attachment patterns in childhood and in our families. Our boundaries become compromised when we grow up taking responsibility for our caretaker or other important adult’s feelings, or we weren’t valued intrinsically for who we were. Impaired boundaries can be tricky as initially they gave us a sense of relief: however, ultimately they create  a burden as it is impossible for us to take care of another person’s feelings.

The Good news is WE CAN CHANGE!

We know that old patterns can be re-wired with awareness and practice.

We need to engage both our minds and our bodies to create a new story.
When we embody a new story, we begin to create new possibilities and experience being more fully ourselves….more fully alive.

What you will learn:
· Tap into your body wisdom to tell you when you need to set a boundary
· Create a roadmap of how to strengthen boundaries with mind+body practices
· Practice to support you in saying “NO” and to hold boundaries with others and maintain your integrity
· Freedom and well+BEING in living a more embodied life

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I embrace my journey as a perfectly imperfect laboratory for learning. My path has been a challenging and beautiful process of learning and self-discovery. It has carved my passion and honed my calling. This process has brought me to where I am today, both personally and professionally.

As my journey continues to evolve, I practice self-attunement, self-trust and self-compassion as practices to support myself in being a healing presence with others.


I have over 26 years of professional experience helping others. My work is my passion and I am excited to offer a variety of services to assist clients in achieving their desired outcomes.


Psychotherapy is learning and healing parts of your self that hold distortions (I’m not good enough, self-doubt, pleasing people to earn their love, perfectionism) and painful, strong emotions (shame, self-hate, guilt) so that we can access our true, more authentic self.


The Coaching relationship is based on viewing the client as creative, whole and resourceful, with a partnership based on equality and mutual respect.


Group learning is an augmentation to individual psychotherapy or a resource to support a deeper and more meaningful way to self-discovery.


"Life-changing" isn’t a term I throw around loosely, but that’s exactly what my experience with Lynn has been.  I have struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life and have seen many therapists over the years, but it wasn’t until I began working with Lynn that I finally gained a deeper understanding of my problems and learned how to deal with them.  The work we did together wasn’t always easy, but she expertly guided me through it, drawing from her vast knowledge.  Thanks to her, I am now living a much better life than I thought possible.


I came to Lynn for help at one of the most difficult times in my life: the end of a marriage. I was needing to understand how it happened and grieve about it so that I can move forward. Through our sessions and the timely resources she provided, she helped me overcome the adversity and challenged me to make some positive, healthier changes in myself. While our work together lasted less than four months, the changes I made during that experience have stayed with me to this day. The approach she took with me to understand my issues and offer advice for how to properly deal with them is what makes her unique as a therapist. I highly recommend her.


Lynn Motley provides a safe and comfortable environment in which individuals who are motivated to address troubling areas of life can experience increased awareness, self-worth, and healing. Lynn's use of current clinical theory and technique ensures demonstrates her commitment to client care and continued learning. Her lack of judgmental attitude and genuine love for her work allow for beneficial and appropriate working relationships with clients. Lynn is a role model as well as a gateway for those who truly wish to live an authentic life and have a healthy relationship with themselves.

Kelly G-M