SOULCOLLAGE® - Deep Dive into the Council Suit - Sunday, April 7, 1-4pm

Come and deepen into your SoulCollage® practice by exploring the suits and ways to use your deck to support you in wholeness and connection — inside and out!

Several times a year I will host workshops to dive more deeply into a topic or readings to support you in this powerful, inclusive, healing and most importantly, FUN lifestyle practice.


This is a beautiful blend of being present with images (magazine or other images)  to support the intuitive art of self-connection and accessing the deep inner knowing that unfolds as you listen, play and create.

Your collage cards speak to you and give you access to a deeper knowing…a knowing that is already inside of you!

The process is simple and accessible to all. Once you learn, you can use in your own space and take with you forever more! SoulCollage® was created by Seena Frost is a synergistic blend inspired by Carl Jung, expressive arts and Joseph Campbell’s work, “The Hero’s Journey”, to name a few influences.


Radical Self-Care Yoga

Come, learn and play with embodiment through yoga.

Yoga is about a practice to support you in knowing yourself more. It’s not about how you look, what positions your body can achieve, but a guided, moving meditation taken you more deeply within yourself to feel your strength, roots, and flexibility that are alive inside of you.

I combine different types of yoga + neuroscience to support a 75 minute practice to support you in being more present and alive – not only just after the class, but in your life off the mat.

Beginners Welcome!


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Come and Join Soul Care SoulCollage® Monthly Gatherings!

A beautiful blend of being present with images to support the intuitive art of self-connection and accessing the deep inner knowing that unfolds as you listen, play and create.

Your collage cards speak to you and give you access to a deeper knowing…a knowing that is already inside of you!

The process is simple and accessible to all. Once you learn, you can use in your own space and take with you forever more!

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I embrace my journey as a perfectly imperfect laboratory for learning. My path has been a challenging and beautiful process of learning and self-discovery. It has carved my passion and honed my calling. This process has brought me to where I am today, both personally and professionally.

As my journey continues to evolve, I practice self-attunement, self-trust and self-compassion as practices to support myself in being a healing presence with others.


I have over 31 years of professional experience helping others. My work is my passion and I am excited to offer a variety of services to assist clients in achieving their desired outcomes.


Psychotherapy is learning and healing parts of your self that hold distortions (I’m not good enough, self-doubt, pleasing people to earn their love, perfectionism) and painful, strong emotions (shame, self-hate, guilt) so that we can access our true, more authentic self.


The Coaching relationship is based on viewing the client as creative, whole and resourceful, with a partnership based on equality and mutual respect.


Group learning is an augmentation to individual psychotherapy or a resource to support a deeper and more meaningful way to self-discovery.


Lynn, just wanted to extend some gratitude to you from our sessions. The work we’ve done together has introduced a new world to me. After all of these years, I never knew that this kind of healing would be possible, and that I would be in the right place to accept it. Im feeling really hopeful, and thankful today and really wanted to thank you for helping me in all of this. I often think about sitting in your office in Lexington and I couldn’t have imagined the life I have now, in Denver. It’s wild.


When I came to Lynn, I had reached a plateau in my therapy experience. It felt like I had more work to do, but I wasn't sure how to approach it or where it could go. Lynn helped me break through that barrier and I'm still breaking through. Lynn has provided me a safe space to work through my trauma and my fears, as well as celebrate my joy and tap into happiness. She has provided accountability, as well as shown me tools, such as visualization and mindfulness, that I'm able to use in my life outside our sessions. Working with Lynn has allowed me to grow and change, but to also learn to practice acceptance, shame resiliency, and self compassion -- and that wasn't something that came easily to me. I have nothing but gratitude for Lynn and for the work we've done together. I'm happy to say that I'm still uncovering myself on this journey with her.

Beth H.

I came to Lynn Motely when I had no where else to turn and I had exhausted my options of trying to "fix" myself. Over the course of our time together, I have confronted the root of my triggers that I have been battling for well over 15 years and though it has been a difficult journey, she has given me the tools and resources to move forward in finding my true self. She has brought value and hope back into my life and has helped me discover my lost passions. I will be forever grateful for taking the first step with her on my wholehearted exploration.


My therapeutic experience with Lynn Motley has been life changing.  With her welcoming and calming nature, she offers an environment in which one feels comfortable to share their most personal thoughts and experiences.  Lynn has given me the tools to think from a higher state of self awareness, which has been essential in beginning my journey on the road of recovery.  With her continued guidance and support, I am certain that I will remain successful in my recovery efforts.  I have the utmost gratitude and respect for Lynn, I am certain that anyone who chooses to enlist her help will not be disappointed.


I have been working with Lynn for almost a year and it has been one of the best learning experiences I have had. Lynn helped me with a tough transition in life and through the process has given me invaluable tools that I use every day to deal with new and old challenges that come my way. The best part of my work with Lynn has been the constant encouragement to explore and grow in my own life. Lynn has been very open to my needs in each session and takes priority to address those as well as does a great job of reminding me of the fundamentals. I have seen tremendous growth and transformations in my own life through the mindfulness and Internal Family Systems work I have done with Lynn. The tools I have gained from our work together has given me incredible insight into myself and has helped me better understand my stress and anxiety and ways through which I can better cope. Additionally, our work has helped me find healthier ways of relating to myself and the world through asking questions and being a better observer in my own life. The most important part of our work together has been the confidence I have gained in my ability to gauge my own thoughts and emotions and to navigate through challenges on my own.


"Life-changing" isn’t a term I throw around loosely, but that’s exactly what my experience with Lynn has been.  I have struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life and have seen many therapists over the years, but it wasn’t until I began working with Lynn that I finally gained a deeper understanding of my problems and learned how to deal with them.  The work we did together wasn’t always easy, but she expertly guided me through it, drawing from her vast knowledge.  Thanks to her, I am now living a much better life than I thought possible.


I came to Lynn for help at one of the most difficult times in my life: the end of a marriage. I was needing to understand how it happened and grieve about it so that I can move forward. Through our sessions and the timely resources she provided, she helped me overcome the adversity and challenged me to make some positive, healthier changes in myself. While our work together lasted less than four months, the changes I made during that experience have stayed with me to this day. The approach she took with me to understand my issues and offer advice for how to properly deal with them is what makes her unique as a therapist. I highly recommend her.


Lynn Motley provides a safe and comfortable environment in which individuals who are motivated to address troubling areas of life can experience increased awareness, self-worth, and healing. Lynn's use of current clinical theory and technique ensures demonstrates her commitment to client care and continued learning. Her lack of judgmental attitude and genuine love for her work allow for beneficial and appropriate working relationships with clients. Lynn is a role model as well as a gateway for those who truly wish to live an authentic life and have a healthy relationship with themselves.

Kelly G-M

I am grateful for the help I received from Lynn. I found her combination of coaching and therapy to be the perfect fit for me. Lynn challenged me to consider different perspectives, helped me identify where I was getting 'stuck' and why, and helped me create action plans for personal development. She met me where I was and safely guided me along a journey of self-discovery -- and I came out a much better version of myself because of her empathy, accountability, grace and kindness. If you are considering therapy and/or coaching, I highly recommend Lynn.

Lisa W. 

I am so appreciative of my time with Lynn.  She is kind, caring and intuitive.  She helped me talk through my trauma and assisted in my healing.  After almost every session, she had a book to recommend that discussed our topic that day.  She is a gifted and patient helper!

Kim C.

Lynn helped navigate me through a time when my anxiety and eating disorder were keeping my life very small though I wanted to experience joy and live a healthy and balanced life. Her encouragement, perspective, and care assisted in my personal development and growth into adulthood. What I value most about the work Lynn and I did was how comfortable I always felt speaking with her and how much she truly cares. She has a calming presence that allowed me to really feel my feelings. As scary as that can be, I always felt very safe and welcome around Lynn. We celebrated life's highs and we dug deep into the lows. She taught me life skills that I still use daily such as mindfulness, creating reasonable goals for myself, and how to practice self-care. I am very fortunate to have worked with Lynn for a couple of years! I would not be where I am today if not for her.