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My Journey


I love how the Universe works. I believe that we are all whole and complete. And, our sacred journey is to find and live into our natural state of being. And this is where things get interesting– sometimes a little messy and also, as we find our way we gain the wisdom, confidence and creativity to live our lives in alignment and with well+BEING.

I embrace my journey as a perfectly imperfect laboratory for learning.

My path has been a challenging and beautiful process of learning and self-discovery. It has carved my passion and honed my calling. This process has brought me to where I am today, both personally and professionally.

Early losses that I experienced as a child, along with the supports, were the foundational experiences which both challenged and created opportunities for me to develop the resilience and connection to my own inner resources. In cultivating this in an on-going way, I am able to experience life’s sacred journey as a process that flows and unfolds organically. –the important life skills of making meaning in challenges, cultivating courage, inner-attunement and self-trust. These are my best allies and continue to serve me in finding my way, personally as well as professionally.

Formal Education

My formal education (see below) created a framework for learning that helped me develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to step into my career path. After completing graduate school and working in various professional roles, I learned what was “working for me” and what was not working for me as a professional. I was disillusioned with standard and popular Cognitive-Behavioral approaches and found my way to approaches that I found more effective, and intuitively aligned with my beliefs. My primary overall framework Is Internal Family Systems and it is very compatible and draws upon other mind+body+holistic approaches.

These are:

  • Mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches
  • Yoga and body-centered approaches to healing work – Polyvagal Applied Theory
  • Trauma- Informed Therapies: EMDR/trauma-informed therapies; Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Attachment theory and neuroscience informed
  • Ontological coaching
  • Internal Family Systems
  • SoulCollage® Facilitation
  • Group experiential learning/workshops

These professional frameworks enabled me to learn more about healing and psychotherapy, and help my clients in a deeper, more sustainable way.

Formal Education/Credentials

Newfield Network, Boulder, Colorado – Transformational Coaching. 2010

Tulane School of Social Work – MSW. 1990; LCSW- KY 1994

Emory University, BA 1986

Level II EMDR Therapist

Level I IFS (Internal Family Systems)

Intimacy From The Inside Out (Couple Therapy)

RYT-200 (Certified in Applied Polyvagal Theory, Trauma-Informed Trained)

SoulCollage® Facilitator, 2021