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Please indicate which appointment time work best with your schedule. While I try to accommodate each client’s scheduling needs, I cannot guarantee that I can offer you the same appointment each session.

My office hours:

  • Monday:  2:00-8:00
  • Tuesday: 9:00-5:00
  • Wednesday: 9:00-5:00
  • Thursday: 12:00-5:00
  • Friday: 9:00-3:00

*I provide 24 hour reminders of appointments if requested.

Cancellation Policy

Committed appointments are an important part of your treatment and our working relationship. I commit my time for your appointments once you are an established client, and therefore require one week notice for any cancellations — unless of course if you are ill or there is a crisis. In that case please contact me as soon as you are aware that you cannot keep the session so that I may fill the appointment.

At times, unforseen things arise that interfere with the 3 month commitment. If you have an disruption in your life that prevents you from your committed sessions, please speak with me as soon as possible. Frequent cancellations create obstacles in your work and the treatment needs to be re-evaluated.

Full payment is expected for cancellations less than 7 days or failed to keep appointments.