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What to Expect


I genuinely love people and assisting individuals, couples, businesses and groups with new learning opportunities so that they can create new possibilities and achieve the outcomes they want in their lives.

Acknowledging that we need help and the process of accessing services can be can be hard. I understand. Many of my clients describe a complicated and sometimes challenging path with previous failed treatment and disillusionment with service providers, the mental health system and health care.

Our initial session is for us to meet and explore the viability of us establishing a partnership. It a time for you to meet me, see my office, to explore your needs, to discuss my offer –some brief information regarding my office policies/business practices, theoretical orientation and general information about my approach to my work.

You, then get to decide if the relationship is a good fit for your needs.

If so, we move forward to discuss your needs and establish goals and  a path to reach them – whether it be Psychotherapy, Single Session Therapy or Life Coaching.

Psychotherapy and Coaching services establishes a container of three months to support you in fulfilling your goals. With the commitment to regular appointments ( I suggest weekly appointments as you get started ) — and the time and investment in your self, you will be more aligned for success and begin to experience the benefits of your commitment. At the end of the three month plan, we review your needs — either  contracting for more sessions to support you with your goals, moving you into a coaching group/program, or taking flight and flying solo.