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“We can’t solve problems with the same level of awareness in which they were created.”

Problems in life often create portals into learning and growing.

Clients seek my services for assistance and support in navigating these challenging and difficult times.

Whether it is a challenge in your relationship, depression, an eating disorder, grief, anxiety or PTSD — These symptoms create openings to healing and learning.

“Our symptoms” were at one time our solution”

Psychotherapy is learning and healing parts of your self that hold distortions (I’m not good enough, self-doubt, pleasing people to earn their love, perfectionism) and painful, strong emotions (shame, self-hate, guilt) so that we can access our true, more authentic self.

Your authentic self is your home base, your quiet power in your heart and in your gut. Your wise mind. Your touchstone. Your truth.

It’s what helps you access your inner navigational equipment to assist you on your journey.

You know you have come home to your self as you access your inner truth of self-trust, self-care, integrity, and creativity in how you are living your life.

They help you fulfill your purpose in life with ease, focus and alignment. They take you places that lead you to joy, play, wellbeing, fulfillment and self-trust, ease and lightness in your endeavors.

I create safety, space and opportunities in our relationship to assist you to unburden and engage in inner exploration and discovery to assist you in accessing possibilities in your life.

“We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that something deep inside us is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
~ EE Cummings

This process allows for the unfolding of emotions, embodied learning, self-compassion/self-care, body awareness and self-discovery within the Internal Family Systems (IFS) framework.

Mindfulness-based approaches, Neuroscience/Attachment Theory, EMDR II Certified Therapist (Trauma), Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my treatment approach.


Clients seek individual psychotherapy when they desire an intimate space to navigate challenges in their lives. I provide individual assistance in a holistic framework to support these individuals.

We create a relationship as a container for this work to occur. Clients create the goals and identify the challenges….and then, together we explore the challenges as a territory for learning about what new learning needs to emerge.

The learning occurs in the following ways:

  • Learning mindfulness meditation and developing a practice so that we can be better attuned to the present moment, our moods/emotions, thoughts and make mindful choices.
  • Learning about attachment theory/neurobiology so that we can better understand ourselves and how we get “wired up”.
  •  Listen more deeply into “parts” of ourselves, why they are there and what they need from us
  • Attuning to our bodies and experiencing our bodies as as important tool for our learning (just as our thoughts, moods, emotions.)
  • Experiencing emotions and listening into our emotions to better understand and relate to them. Learning to access our higher self in mind, body, moods/emotions.
  • Taking new and different steps to access possibilities.


The foundation of my work is IFS (Internal Family Systems) for individual work and IFIO (Intimacy From the Inside Out) for couple work. These frameworks are enhanced by the following modalities/approaches:

Mindfulness-based approaches, Neuroscience/Attachment Theory, EMDR II Certified Therapist (Trauma), Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my treatment approach.

Here is a little video of Dick Schwartz, the founder of IFS, discussing this model…

Once we learn to relate and understand our self unconditionally and fully, we can access the awareness to navigate our challenges so that we can create new possibilities.

  1. Relationship Challenges
  2. Anxiety
  3. Depression
  4. Codependency/Adults Raised in Addictive Home
  5. Life Transitions
  6. Trauma Resolution Therapy
  1. Compulsivity (sexual, work)
  2. Work stress/challenges
  3. Health concerns
  4. Eating Disorders
  5. Developmental / Young adult life issues


“A person’s heart withers if it does not answer another heart”
~Pearl S. Buck

I value assisting couples to improve relational functioning so that both the individuals and the couple can access more self-awareness , relational learning , and to ultimately facilitate an authentic connection.

Couple’s treatment is less about communicating better and more about healing the individuals in the partnership, thus allowing the relationship to become unburdened so that the natural, authentic connection can be present.

The relationship serves as a container for you to better understand your own wounds, habitual patterns that were born out of blind assumptions about yourself and your partner.

“How can I be me, you be you and we be we?”

Couple’s Therapy sets aside time to explore your attachment patterns from childhood, your own “wiring” in relationships –and how they show up your present relationship which can lead to stress, conflict and isolation. In learning to care more deeply for yourself and heal your own inner wounds in the relationship, you are more capable to “hold the space” for each other, creating more intimacy, better communication and improved wellbeing and joy in the relationship.

My work in Couple’s Treatment draws mostly from IFIO (Intimacy From The Inside Out) as well as from a variety of modalities which allow for a rich learning experience:

Mindfulness-based, emotional focused therapy, neuroscience/attachment theory, Internal Family Systems.

“If we only listened with the same passion that we feel about being heard.”
~ Harriet Lerner