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I Believe


Healing takes place in relationship. We all are interconnected and one and we need connection with each other to create meaning and to feel whole.

Life is messy. Life is precious. Paradox is a fundamental part of living. We are whole and incomplete. No perfection allowed. We have everything we need and we need more. We need to embrace it all and live in the totality of our experience.

Life is a co-creative process.  Life is our invitation to respond creatively through choice. While striving for control burns us out and creates resentment, we can be in the flow of life and make choices in how to respond. We all have the power to choose. We choose how to relate to ourselves, how we see things, the meaning we make of our experiences, the actions we take and how we relate to others.

You are not broken. You don’t need to be fixed. I have no agenda to fix anything in you. I am interested in helping you cultivate a deeper and more connected relationship with yourself.

Psychotherapy and transformational learning is not about fixing or problem-solving. It is about learning in the emotional realm that supports you in accessing different possibilities.

We are each whole and complete and doing the best we can with what we know. It is when life brings us to new challenges, a new level of awareness is required to assist us in navigating these challenges.

In Play…..

When we play, we heal.

In service to others we heal….

In Creativity

In our creativity, we access a deeper part of ourselves. We access freedom, intuition, and a more powerful aspect of knowing who we are.