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Building Boundaries with Lynn Motley, LCSW On WTVQ ABC36

Sometimes we need to learn how to build boundaries to live a healthy life. Lynn Motley, LCSW came to our studio to give us some guidance.


I enjoy the dynamic energy and connection that groups offer individuals in both healing and learning.

Group learning is an augmentation to individual psychotherapy or a resource to support a deeper and more meaningful way to self-discovery.

Here are some group and workshops that I in the community:

Take the LEAP Coaching Program: 8 week coaching program

Dream It.

Be it.

Live it.

Is there something that is calling you?
Are you listening?
Maybe an itch or even discomfort or pain that is inviting you in to discover more in life.

Perhaps letting something go…..leaving a job that is no longer serving you (or, maybe that never was), moving on from a relationship, or something that you have been investing your time in that you no longer enjoy or find meaning.


Taking a step that will help move you to a new playing field…..Asking for a promotion or raise, transitioning to a new career, making a bold move to radically connect more deeply with what you care about. Something that wants to be born in you….

Don’t wait….do it NOW!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” Wayne Gretzky

Come and join me in a coaching program to help you “up your game”– by accessing what you want to be LIVING & EXPERIENCING, creating CLARITY and accessing your BEST self with ACTIONS to support you in moving and grooving….taking the next step!

How does that sound? YES!

Join me in an intimate and unique coaching group offer to support and assist you in ACCESSING and TAKING STEPS to stretch, reach in and access your BEST SELF and CREATE your dream life.


CLARIFY your desires

FOCUS on where you want to go

CREATE the energy and mood to support you

IDENTIFY blind-spots and obstacles

TAKE STEPS to connect you with the energy to get there

ENGAGE in practices and support to experience what you want


Join me for 6 group coaching sessions for a small group of individuals who DESIRE to up their game and THRIVE:

What you will receive

  • A container of support, motivation and accountability from others in the group
  • Opportunities to explore your desires, deepening and knowing yourself more fully
  • Practices to move you forward
  • Increase awareness of obstacles that you create for yourself
  • Create an empowered narrative to support you in moving forward
  • A workbook created for you by Lynn to support you in sustaining your vision and practices in-between sessions and after the program concludes to inspire you.
  • Opportunities to explore your learning outside of the group with meditations, weekly emails and a private Facebook group.

An Introduction into your relationship with your Beauty-Full SELF


An inclusive, non-pathologizing, holistic model to support integration and wholeness.

What you will gain:

  • A framework for deepening your relationship with yourself
  • Experiential opportunities to “tap into” your “higher, wiser SELF”
  • Increase self-compassion and self-acceptance
  • Create more understanding of your “self-system” i.e. why you see things the way you do, why you do what you do.

Solid Roots Yoga Studio

Transforming Overwhelm into FREEDOM

This workshop is for those suffering from OVERWHELM.
There are more opportunities and resources for anything we want, and yet we are craving more simplicity and ease in the hustle and bustle in the world today.

While we all get busy and have challenging moments, those suffering from OVERWHELM live in a constant mood as if there is no other choice.

Maybe you’re getting more done, but feel depleted and not finding fulfillment in what you are getting accomplished.
Checking things off your lists, lists, and more lists. Emails piling up. Lots of busy-ness and yet you feel empty, stressed out and want to numb out.
No time for fun and to really get to do what you crave and long to do.

Chronic insomnia and sleep issues related to stress

Health Issues and pain related to OVERWHELM

What you will learn:

  • Shift how you look at overwhelm and develop a different framework for managing.
  • Identify and let go of old patterns and traps which are keeping you stuck.
  • Create a plan to assist you in aligning your time, energy and actions with what you care about.
  • Shift out of time management and into commitment management.
  • Create conversations to assist you in transforming overwhelm.
  • Use new distinctions to intervene with overwhelm in realm of moods/emotions, body and conversations.
  • Increase clarity and empowerment about what you care about in your life.
  • How to use overwhelm as an invitation to step into creativity and choice.

Boundaries 101: Embodied Boundaries

Boundaries are our ultimate self-care and self-responsibility in the stewardship in our lives. Boundaries determine our felt sense and outcomes in our lives and they are learned in our mind+body through important attachments patterns in childhood/families. The stories of boundaries held in our bodies and well in our minds. They shape and create our lives — for better, or worse.


This four hour workshop is for those who experience challenges with the following:

  • Challenged in being authentic in your relationships
  • Challenged with saying “No” and feeling resentful afterwards
  • Compromising yourself and your needs
  • Chronic caretaking of others
  • Live in a mood of guilt
  • Allow yourself to be “bullied” by others wants and needs

What you will learn:

  • Tap into your body wisdom to tell you when you need to set a boundary
  • Create a roadmap of how to strengthen boundaries with mind+body practices
  • Practices to support you in saying “No” and to hold your boundaries with others and maintain your integrity
  • Living a more embodied life that will align you with well+BEING and freedom


Creating Possibilites

An exploration of neuroscience, body and mind+body practices to create alignment and well+BEING.

Come and learn with me about embodied learning to create possibilities in your life.

We need radical shifts in how we begin to approach living by becoming more embodied, connected and present to our selves to support alignment and well BEING.
In Creating Possibilities you will discover:
✨Increased awareness of your brain-body connection and your body’s reactions to stress
✨To navigate your autonomic nervous system and map out your own profile
✨To engage and create mind+body practices to support more alignment and well-being


Safely Embodied

Navigating the body’s natural intelligence of the autonomic nervous system to support change.

“We can’t change the past, but we can change the way the energy lives in us.” ~M. Williamson

Your autonomic nervous system is nature’s perfect intelligence system designed for safety.
AND it is the controller for what allows and disallows possibilities in your life.
Come learn and grow with others to understand this “inner GPS system” and your body- The Polyvagal theory framework helps us navigate “a ladder” to support navigating your inner GPS.
You can map out your own autonomic profile to support you in accessing
well+BEING and creating possibilities in your life!