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As many, I am continuously amazed with the vast amount of stuff the holidays have become. Too much!

And yet, rather than becoming resigned, bitter or resentful, I invite you to breathe instead. My mantra for almost everything: “When all else fails, breathe.”

Breathe. Deeply. Frequently. Until you find the quiet stillness in the flow of your breath.

When I breathe, I am instantaneously transported to a place of bliss. It is in starting from this place that we can begin to connect to what we really care about and the purpose of the Season.


Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Simply put, when we breathe consciously, we can connect with wisdom. In starting with the breath, we begin to create presence. Really being present with ourselves, others and life — not wants, “shoulds”, or “supposed to.” When we breathe, we connect with our body — and get out of the head and our limiting beliefs. With presence, one breath at a time we deepen our awareness. In awareness, we can be who we really are and access choice. And with each breath, in each choice, we create our intentions.

Intention drives everything (whether we know it or not).

Just as with everything else in life, choice and intention is where our power is rooted. We have the power to make this Season what we want it to be.

What is it that you really want this Season? Bliss or….__________ (fill in the blank)

We can choose to let go of something we no longer need or that is no longer serving us — maybe a tradition that just won’t work for us this holiday. Yes, that may mean abandoning something that you’ve just hated, with glee (as opposed to guilt), to only discover how wonderful everything may be after all. Or, maybe we can find a way to change our relationship with a tradition — perhaps by giving someone else the opportunity to host a gathering or make the holiday cards.

Choice may be making a request of another or extending an offer to someone who always seems to be burdened or overwhelmed. Often when we are overburdened by “have to”, we don’t have energy to really make offers and give to others. Or, simply choosing to access and be “in love” with whatever it is that we’re doing. Whatever it is, breathe and let go of any burdened belief and see what choices are available to you in this moment.

In our breath, we can create gifts for our selves and others. When we are present in our truth, we grant others’ permission to do the same. This is power. This is a way to live our love this holiday season.

Breathe and CELEBRATE the Season!


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