Overwhelm: An Invitation

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Overwhelm: An Invitation

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Overwhelm is an invitation to what? You say overwhelm has a death grip on you; you didn’t choose to be in overwhelm.

Well, I’m going to be unpopular in saying this, but yes, you did!

As our world has become more complicated and sophisticated, there are many traps that we fall into that lead us down the overwhelm path. While we recognize the positive advances and technological gains, we need to have a relationship with the shadow side of all of our progress. Without owning this we are vulnerable, as we don’t see our power in co-creating overwhelm.

We literally can have too much of a good thing. We now have more choices, options, access to too many things, and difficulty shutting off, turning off and having enough. Additionally, the world, our jobs, families have more expectations of us. We have more expectations. Good is simply not enough. We need more. Better. Best.

While there are many self-help books dedicated to sophisticated systems to overcome overwhelm, the real ticket is to start at the beginning and cultivate a vision of where we truly want to go…. in our journey with our work, relationships, life. Without unlocking this, we are continuously vulnerable to getting lost in the overwhelm conundrum.

Overwhelm is an invitation to step into our power. Ultimately we are the creators of our path. Period. While we don’t have control over what happens to us, we can access choice in creating a vision for ourselves and the power of choice in crafting our responses in life: where we want to be, how we want to be, how we want to get there, etc. Once we know what we care about, and where we’re going, we can let go and begin the co-creative process.

What have you been saying “yes” to in your overwhelm?

Once we know what is not aligned with our higher vision, we can let go of all of those traps: beliefs, actions that support overwhelm and keep us on detours from ourselves. We can let go of the false illusion that we can make others happy, that we need to be perfect or the best, or that we’re not enough and learn to step more fully into the power that we have to choose.

As we accept the invitation that overwhelm offers, we can center, activate choice and begin to create our vision with action. This is when we are in the flow of life and truly able to activate the power to fulfill our potential.


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