Calm in the Storm

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Calm in the Storm


Ugghh…. really?

Yep, we get lulled into wanting things to stay the same and we hate chaos. But, if you think about it, technically we aren’t learning if everything remains static. It is only in disequilibrium — often in the form of anxiety, pain and/or uncertainty, that we can begin to let go of old learning that is no longer serving us. We often forget this when we’re in the middle of a challenge. Our primitive brain tells us we’re in danger; and yet, if we can center in our present learning and connect to what is emergent in us with a situation or an opportunity, we can access an opening to a different place.


It’s true, without breakdowns in our old learning, in life, we don’t get to new learning. Think of some of the greatest thought leaders who have had major crises which predisposed them to have the success they have today….Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Oprah Winfrey…..

Think of a time when you had a significant breakthrough in your learning….. was it a walk in the garden? Most likely, no.

What if we looked at the discomfort that comes with any breakdown as an opening towards new learning?
What is emergent in you in this place? Where are you wanting to go?

The next time you’re in chaos, try centering to help you access the calm in the storm — breathing, staying grounded, accessing curiosity to transport you to see the invitation to new learning.


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