Roots and Wings

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Roots and Wings

Have you been flying lately? We all need wings to fly. When we fly, we are in the flow of life and our actions feel seemingly effortless. Our wings provide us with the courage, energy and desire to manifest our highest self.


photo: Chris Kalani

Wings sprout from the magical place within self: your roots. Roots show up as your breath, your body and they inform your present experience. They are also grounded in life and living – and yes, mistakes, detours and all the accumulated wisdom from that deep, heart-centered place where we can access our own inner goodness –where we know who we really are and what we want.


Without roots, we have no foundation or clear direction to support our actions. It is often when we are in this ungrounded place that life begins to feel like work. Roots give us a vastly different experience with living. Rather than striving to get results, we can feel our breath, the earth beneath us, with secure footing in knowing ourselves. It is from this place that we are ready to take off and fly.


You are a STAR!


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