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Lost and Found

I once heard someone say something that perked my interest… and I’ve kept it in my back pocket ever since.

“Keep it pointed to where you want it to go.”

So simple. So profound. Sometimes so hard.

Every moment, every day, every choice we are pointing ourselves in some direction — whether we know it or not. It often starts with an internal or external event (simply put, something that we want – woo hoo! or don’t want – ugghhh!), a thought, and an accompanying emotion (yum or yuck)……and away we go in whatever direction this place takes us.

The direction we end up going is mostly driven by two powerful motivators: avoidance and pleasure. We instinctively avoid what we fear and move toward what feels good. Makes sense, right?

Unexamined, this can give us faulty navigational equipment when we want well-being and a life grounded in happiness. It is important to get in touch with what drives us, so that we can gain clarity and free up energy that has been holding us back or driving us in a direction that is not serving us – the wrong direction, or at least on a long detour.

Often the consequences of not exploring where you’re pointing it and how you’re going about getting it results in powerful consequences:

1) Not getting what you want and living in a mood of resignation and resentment.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” ~ Wayne Gretzky

2) Getting something else. Perhaps even something that takes us in the opposite direction of where we’re aiming: striving and being off-target; burned out and swimming up-stream; continuously striving for something but not getting results.

Often folks realize their target has been off — perhaps confusing bigger or more with better. Or that fear has been in the driver’s seat. When we can take a step back and look at how we’re looking at things, then we can create a new observer. And with this new observer, we can gain clarity in the direction we want to go and maybe even learn a new dance.

Where are you “pointing it” in your life? Are you getting the results you want?

I have conversations with individuals and groups to help them gain clarity and refocus their aim: helping a couple navigate their relationship with their children or in their partnership; supporting a team in gaining clarity in purpose and coordinating action; assisting individuals with a career change; recovering from a divorce or break-up; or just navigating life more effectively. No matter which path you’re traveling, if you need a co-pilot to assist with clarifying your direction and your aim, or some new steps/actions to take to get you further down your path, contact me and maybe we can take a journey together.


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