Mother’s Day at Storycorps

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Mother’s Day at Storycorps


Listen to this Storycorps: A Young Son’s Goal

Listen to this Storycorps: Even In Her Struggles

Storycorps is a program on Morning Edition, (National Public Radio) where important, often deeply personal conversations take place.

It is has become a morning ritual for me to listen to Storycorps, as it brings me perspective and opens up my heart. These conversations often move me to tears, or feeling tremendous joy as they frequently connect me to a memory, an emotion or an experience in my own life. It also grounds me in the awareness that despite pain, loss, hardship…. the human spirit triumphs and love prevails. There is another side and we can get there. Now that is inspiration.

During the conversation you can feel the resonance between the interviewee and interviewer as the story unfolds. In that space love, understanding and compassion are present. In neuroscience it’s called “limbic resonance”. It’s what happens when we feel deeply felt, deeply understood. It’s what happens when we fall in love or a parent gazes into a baby’s eyes and that magic creates a dance of love.

For many, Mother’s Day has become another Hallmark day in our culture where flowers and cards are exchanged. And while these are beautiful rituals, I invite you to listen to these conversations and think about your story with your mother, or mother-figure and have that conversation with her. Ask those questions. Open your heart and revisit a memory. Explore a corner of her heart, a passion. Connect.

It is in conversations that we change together.

I invite you to listen to these stories and see what awakens in you. You might decide to adopt Storycorps as a daily ritual that connects and cracks open awareness and love in your heart too.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Source: A Young Son’s Goal: Making Money For His Mother; Even In Her Struggles, A Mother Taught Life Lessons