Conversations = Changing Together

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Conversations = Changing Together

We are creating our reality with the conversations that we have and don’t have. All too often we forget that we are the co-creator of our present experience. We see what we see and that is it; we get attached to the way we see things as the “truth”. When we hold our conversations only to ourselves, we stay isolated and separate.

However, when we muster up the courage to enter into conversations with the appropriate individuals, we can step into possibilities and create a different future for ourselves and others. Language is action. In conversations we are literally changing together. And yet, the outcomes depend on how we create these conversations: effectively or ineffectively.

Certainty is the killer of conversations. Certainty closes off possibilities for different outcomes. The art of conversation requires a level of openness. When we are open, we can dance – constantly shifting how we and our partners see and experience ourselves, another, the world. In this dance, openings are created in which to see from our partner’s eyes – to share our vision. When we are open to listening, to speaking, we create opportunities for ourselves and others to learn.

How are you showing up with your conversations?
What conversations could help you achieve the outcomes you desire in your personal and professional life?




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