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“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”
~Watty Piper

Watching Chris Sharma’s determination and enthusiasm in his first ascent of Dreamcatcher (a granite route on the Cadodemon boulder in Squamish, British Columbia) is inspirational, to say the least. It certainly puts my challenges in perspective. It also inspires me to dream BIG. We can all learn a lot from Chris as we watch him live his dream.

While his strength and physicality are remarkable, it is his perspective that moves me. He is realistic about the challenge and when he faces obstacles, he knows when to “let go” and when to perservere. This is the space for real learning to occur, as letting go for me often seems counterintuitive to moving forward. Sometimes it is harder. His letting go does not become a failure; he returns the next month with buoyancy and determination to start anew.

You know there is a happy ending to this story.

Happy endings are not just made in Hollywood. But they are not just made in dreams either. I love this as it is not an ending, per se. While it is a dream, it also is just another day, another climb in this guy’s life. It’s a practice. Happy endings are born in the patience, perserverence, and practice to achieve our dreams. And our dreams can often feel like failure, set-backs and lulls, depending on where you are in the climb and when and how the lens is capturing the moment.

I’m going to take in the inspiration of dreamcatcher as I begin my day.

Rock on!


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