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Safely Embodied: navigating your body’s intelligent autonomic nervous system

This workshop is on Sunday, December 10 from 9am-1pm at Movementlust, 257 East Short St. Suite 210. Email Lynn @ for registration.

Your investment:

Tier 1 $60 through December 3

Tier 2 $70 through December 9

$80 day of event

This is second in a series The Art of Well+BEING, an exploration of neuroscience, the body, mind+body practices in creating possibilities in your life.

Come and learn about the art + science of the polyvagal theory – a compassionate and holitistic framework for understanding the body’s system for navigating change in our lives. You will “map out” your own autonomic profile and use mind+body strategies to support you in making changes. THIS learning is game changing for many of my clients and learning together in a group is a powerful way to experience the beauty and wisdom of this model. I hope you join us and share this with those in your life!


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