Groups / Workshops


I enjoy the dynamic energy and connection that groups offer individuals in both healing and learning.

Group learning is an augmentation to individual psychotherapy or a resource to support a deeper and more meaningful way to self-discovery.

Currently, I offer groups and workshops in the community:

An Introduction into your relationship with your Beauty-Full SELF

An inclusive, non-pathologizing, holistic model to support integration and wholeness.

What you will gain:

  • A framework for deepening your relationship with yourself
  • Experiential opportunities to “tap into” your “higher, wiser SELF”
  • Increase self-compassion and self-acceptance
  • Create more understanding of your “self-system” i.e. why you see things the way you do, why you do what you do.

Solid Roots Yoga Studio

Sunday, March 25, 12-4pm


Boundaries 101: Embodied Boundaries

for those who experience the following:

  • Challenged in being authentic in your relationships
  • Challenged with saying “No” and feeling resentful afterwards
  • Compromising yourself and your needs
  • Chronic caretaking of others
  • Incessant guilty feelings when you’ve done nothing wrong
  • Allow yourself to be “bullied” by others wants and needs


Creating Possibilities: an exploration of neuroscience, body and mind+body practices to create alignment and well+BEING.

Safely Embodied: navigating the body’s natural intelligence of the autonomic nervous system to support change.

“Resilient Spirits: Courage Through Connection” –  a psychotherapy group based on Brene Brown’s work

“Transforming Overwhelm Into Possibilities” – workshops

“Transformational Learning through body, moods/emotions, and language”