Life Coaching

“We live full of answers with questions never asked.” ~ Julio Olalla

Whether you want breakthrough results in your work performance, are struggling at a cross roads in your life, want to strengthen your relationships with others, or deepen your relationship with yourself………..

With roots in executive coaching, which drew on techniques developed in management consulting and leadership training, Life coaching is a supportive, discovery-based, process which guides you to see new possibilities, take new actions and achieve different results.

The emphasis in a coaching relationship is on action, accountability and follow- through. Coaching is not focused on the client’s past (healing old wounds) and more focused on moving forward, while taking the past and present into consideration.

The coaching relationship is based on viewing the client as creative, whole and resourceful, with a partnership based on equality and mutual respect. The client creates the goals and is responsible for driving the direction of the work each session, while the coach supplies supportive, discovery-based approaches. Practices and solutions are generated by the client who is responsible for all action/inaction.

Live a life you love, aligned with what you care about

  • Know what you really want, clarify your objectives and take new action
  • Experience a more centered life, with less stress and more peace and balance
  • Expanded capacity for power, confidence and passion for living
  • Recognize your blind spots in order to remove obstacle and create different actions……
  • Greater emotional awareness and capacity – Effectively using your moods and emotions as agents of change
  • Find empowerment in developing a healthy relationship with money
  • Develop a more loving, nurturing relationship with yourself
  • Effective Time Management: Use time as a tool to support you in making commitments which are connected to your objectives

Create more satisfying and rewarding relationships

  • Expand friendships and connections with others
  • Improve your marriage/relationship
  • Parent more effectively
  • Develop a better understanding of your impact on others and increased awareness of the results you are trying to attain
  • Enhanced communication, relationship and trust building skills

Improve overall work performance

  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Strengthen and create more satisfying professional relationships
  • Develop leadership and management skills by engaging in on-going practices and strategies to enhance your performance
  • Increase awareness of your blind spots and learn how to remove these obstacles which hinder performance
  • Connect to your strengths and find more fulfillment in your work
  • Increase ability to effective manage complexity in work settings with greater ease and less fear
  • Show up with more presence and wisdom for greater impact

Confidently navigate professional transitions with job changes and new careers successfully

  • Expand your professional development
  • Create new professional opportunities
  • Access strength, courage and empowerment to take necessary, bold actions to move to the next level

Improve work/life balance

  • Learn how to access new moods of lightness and playfulness to support you in loving your work
  • Learn how to live a more centered life
  • Develop the skills to achieve balance by having new conversations (requests, promises, and offers)
  • Increase personal life satisfaction and passion in living


“I have been through decades of various self-improvement models in a quest for growth, and I can honestly say that these hours with Lynn have created the most powerful positive change in all aspects of my life.” ~ Margaret Lamar, Texas