Personal Life Coaching


Live a life you love, aligned with what you care about

  • Know what you really want, clarify your objectives and take new action
  • Experience a more centered life, with less stress and more peace and balance
  • Expanded capacity for power, confidence and passion for living
  • Recognize your blind spots in order to remove obstacle and create different actions……
  • Greater emotional awareness and capacity – Effectively using your moods and emotions as agents of change
  • Find empowerment in developing a healthy relationship with money
  • Develop a more loving, nurturing relationship with yourself
  • Effective Time Management: Use time as a tool to support you in making commitments which are connected to your objectives

Create more satisfying and rewarding relationships

  • Expand friendships and connections with others
  • Improve your marriage/relationship
  • Parent more effectively
  • Develop a better understanding of your impact on others and increased awareness of the results you are trying to attain
  • Enhanced communication, relationship and trust building skills


    “Lynn is fabulous! She has assisted me in gaining a better understanding of my story. Through her gentle approach, I have increased my awareness & transparency in how I can write, as well as live a more positive story. I now seek out opportunities for playfulness & curiosity throughout my day & interactions with others. I happily recommend Lynn & her Life Coaching sessions for anyone looking to gain more insight, mindfulness & awareness into their daily life.” -Jessica G-